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WEB PAGE MONITORING -- we'll inform you of changes to your competitors' web pages, save you time & money, and help you avoid unwanted surprises

Don't miss out on important competitive information
Failing to regularly monitor changes to your competitors' web pages can result in unwanted surprises and missed business opportunities.

Stay informed of changes to your competitors' online presence
Your competitors' websites hold a treasure trove of information. Keeping a vigilant eye on them is good business sense. Our website monitoring service runs 24x7x365 to keep you informed. Be among the first to know what's new with their product/service mix, press releases, news articles, marketing & sales tactics, upcoming event plans, partner & client information, staffing announcements, financial reports, customer care & support information, webcasts, and company blogs.

Free yourself from countless hours of tedious work
Regularly monitoring your competitors' websites can be time consuming, tiresome, and prone to neglect. Free yourself of the tedium and recoup precious time wasted on visits to unchanged web pages. For pennies a day per web page we can automatically monitor your competitors' online presence and promptly inform you of important changes.

Staying current is now as simple as checking your e-mail
Now your in-basket can alert you to changes to your competitors' web pages. Choose to be instantly notified as each change occurs or let us tailor a monitoring schedule for you. Highly flexible, each web page can have its own monitoring schedule and distinct e-mail distribution list. Alerts can be received as plain text e-mails with html attachments, or as e-mails with embedded html.

We look forward to providing you with a tailor-fit solution:

  • select just a few web pages or have us monitor your competitors' entire websites;
  • choose a unique monitoring schedule for each web page;
  • even forums, RSS feeds, newsgroups and password protected web pages can be monitored;
  • we can monitor the entire web page or any specific part that is of interest to you;
  • unimportant parts of a web page can be ignored;
  • keywords in changed web page content can be used to trigger an alert;
  • content removed from a web page can be ignored or used to trigger an alert;
  • web page changes are highlighted in the e-mail alerts so you quickly spot the changes;
  • you can change your mind and substitute alternate web page URLs at any time;
  • web page alerts can be sent to multiple e-mail addresses at no additional charge; and
  • each web page alert can have its own e-mail distribution list to best fit your organizational structure.
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ONLINE CLIPPINGS (News & Social Media) -- tailor-fit to your unique information requirements

Choose clippings which target News, Blogs, Twitter, discussion Forums, and the wider Web
Begin your day with current and meaningful clippings. For each search term you can choose to receive search results from five distinct categories: News, Blogs, Twitter, discussion Forums, and the wider Web.

Our commercial strength research tools trump free alerts
Our subscribers tell us that we provide results they can't achieve with free alert services. Benefit from our years of experience in formulating client-specific targeted online searches. Through the experienced use of nested Boolean expressions we create search patterns that incorporate contextual filters yielding more meaningful results.

To further maximize the number of meaningful results we employ multiple professional search engines and consolidate the final results for you. Put simply, our subscribers spend less time looking at results that are off target and have more time to act on the results.

Easily channel clippings throughout your company
On a daily basis we deliver information resources into a wide range of our clients' business departments, including: public relations, marketing, sales, product planning, business development, strategy planning, competitive intelligence, corporate communications, and investor relations.

Results for each of your search terms can easily be sent to multiple email addresses within your company. If you prefer, each search term can have its own unique distribution list.

Professional results at affordable rates
We have no hidden fees (see "Fee Structure" further below), there are no 'per-clip' charges that drive up subscription pricing, no added charges for sending results to multiple parties within your company, and no additional charges for substituting search terms during the course of your subscription.

Significant discounts are available on six-month and one-year subscriptions as you share in the savings from lower administrative costs.

We also have a customer rewards program in place for subscribers that renew.

Take a FREE three-week trial today!


Fee Structure and Subscription Plans for Online Clippings (for year 2013)
Our fee is based on the length of your subscription (three-month, six-month, or one-year), the number of search terms, and the number of search categories that you choose for each search term. Significant discounts come into effect when you take a six-month or one-year subscription. .

Subscriptions to daily news scan are priced in Canadian Dollars:

  • $65 for a 3 month subscription (per search category per search term)
  • $95 for a 6 month subscription (per search category per search term)
  • $125 for a one-year subscription (per search category per search term)

So, for example, if you wanted to include News, Blogs, and Twitter results for a specific search term, the yearly fee for that search term would be 3 x $125 = $375. If you were interested in just News results for a search term, the yearly fee would be $125. Complete coverage for a search term (News, Blogs, Twitter, Forums, wider Web) would come to a yearly fee of $625.


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